Dining staff

Beyond the food, though, there is something else that takes place at mealtimes—friends and a social life come included too!


Dining Program

meal with shrimp and watermelon

Home Cooked Meals from Scratch

Meal times at Mill Street Residence are truly something to look forward to. We believe that quality food coupled with a sense of community can have a lasting impact on physical and mental health.

Our Dining Experience

  • Tenants choose every meal from a menu and are waited on at their table just like at a restaurant.
  • All food is scratch made resulting in a higher quality of taste and nutrition.
  • Tenants sit together and socialize during meals which furthers the sense of community at Mill Street.
  • Menus are created with doctor's and dieticians to accommodate special requirements and requests such as gluten-free, dialysis, diabetes and low-sodium diets.
  • Family is always welcome at the table. Feel free to join your loved one for mealtime.

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