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Spa services are available to soothe and pamper



Private Living

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Relationships formed with friends and neighbors help you feel right at home. Comfort is also knowing help is right there when you need it.

  • Cozy indoor sitting areas: Take in a game of cards, watch a movie, or share a cup of coffee with friends in one of our community rooms.
  • Private dining room: Host those big family dinners just like at home in our private dining room.
  • Library/computer lab: Wi-Fi throughout the building.
  • Beauty salon/barbershop: Located within the building, our beauty salon and barbershop offers weekly standing appointments. Walk-ins are welcome as well.
  • Outside sitting and garden areas: Let us do the gardening work while you enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces.

Beauty Salon and Barber Services


Beauty salon services are offered to tenants for an additional fee right here at Mill Street Residence. Shampoo, haircut, color and perm/set all available.

Dining: A Nutritional and Social Occasion

  • Quality food from scratch: Home cooked meals made from scratch. No shortcuts here!
  • Choices: Residents choose from a full menu rather than only one or two options.
  • Value of quality: High quality and lots of choices mean our tenants are eating and their nutritional needs are being met more fully so they can feel better and stay active.
  • Social network: Meals are served in our main dining room where tenants are waited on just like in a restaurant.

Housekeeping and Laundry

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  • Weekly housekeeping including laundering of linens and towels is provided for tenants at no additional charge.
  • Complimentary laundry machines are available to tenants.
  • Personal laundry service or additional housekeeping is available for additional fees.

Spa Services

Non-professional manicures are offered twice a month at no extra cost, see Activities calendar for dates/time. Non-professional pedicures are available at an extra cost and appointments can be made with the home care department.


  • Medical appointments.
  • Shopping and miscellaneous appointments: Our van is available on Wednesdays for rides to other types of activities such as trips to the grocery store, shopping, or beauty salon appointments.
  • Off-street parking lot with electrical hookups is provided.
  • Valet service available year-round with 30 minute notice. No additional cost.

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